About April Cato

  • Cat Lovers

    Cato’s Catopia was birthed from a sincere love of cats. You can rest easy knowing that your cat is in the best of hands.

  • Top of the Line Accomodations

    Cato’s Catopia offers something no other cat boarding facility in Charleston can offer. We offer top of the line, spacious, clean, themed suites. Your cat will be as comfortable as you are while you are on vacation.

  • A Suite of Services

    Not only does Cato’s Catopia offer top of the line Cat Condos and Cat Suites, we also offer a whole suite of services. We have a full service Cat Spa, Web Cam Check In’s, and a Cat Valet Service.

April Cato is a lifelong cat lover and shameless cat mom to Bella and Gidget. She has carried her love and caring for cats into Cato’s Catopia. In addition to being an avid cat lover, April is also a certified veterinarian’s assistant and working on certification as a cat trainer to help with behavioral issues.

Future certificate training to include Pet Nutrition and Diet.

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April and John Cato

About April Cato

My father was in the military. As I child I moved around a lot. The one constant besides my father and brother were that we always had pets. All of the love and laughs from every animal set me in the direction of Cato’s Catopia. As an adult, working 8-5 in the corporate world, I found no time for having dogs in our family. However, cats, I could leave home durning the day. When I came home at night, they were like a dog and were always happy to see me and followed me throughout the house. When I married my husband, he had the time for a dog, the walks and letting out. My heart stayed with the cats.

Today – I get the opportunity to share with you my love for our two cats, Bella and Gidget. I hope you give me the opportunity to let me show you the love I would give to your cat. Every guest will be treated like my family, and I promise you, I will love them like they were mine!